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  • Version: Waterfall 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x, 1.11.x, 1.12.x, 1.13.x, 1.14.x

NEW! Furniture's in Minecraft! No Resource Packs..

In CreativeCraft, we appreciate good builders. Everyone who builds on our server is able to rank up, in a fair and equal way to everyone - the better builder you are, the higher rank you get in our system.

Our server owners developed a fully custom plugin called PlotCheck, which can be accessed using the command /pc on every creative server in the network. You
can request for a plot check on your plot after you have finished
building, so a staff member can check your build and promote you if your
build is good enough for the next level. The more dots you have, the
more plots you are able to claim.

Our leveling system goes by build dots - you will be given a certain
amount of dots next to your name, showing how good builder you are. The
more dots you have - the better rank you are. You can gain from 1 up to
11 dots. The build quality of yours needs to get better from every dot,
to be able to gain the next dot.

What are those Plot Passwords?

The Plot Passwords feature gives your the ability to set a password on
your plot, if you want privacy. The password will be set on the plot, by
the plot owner, and whoever gets on that plot will have to type the
correct password.

After two tries of typing the password, assuming they both failed, the
player will be teleported back to spawn, to not disturb the privacy of
the plot owner.

How do I use this feature?

To set up a password for your plot, you must be the plot owner.

/setpassword - Sets a password for your plot.
/deletepass - To delete the password from the plot.

Some of our other features:
- We have 3 different plotworld servers with different sizes (250x250, 600x600, 1024x1024)
- Any amount of grief can be roll backed at anytime
- We are running on Premium Dedicated Server to ensure Lag free environment.
- We have a very good backup system which ensure that you never loose your builds.
- Best Plot Protection.
- Special Ranking system.
- We Provide 100% Lag free, even if you overuse worldedit there wont be a lag!




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