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  • Uptime: 100%
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  • Country:  United States United States
  • Version: CraftBukkit 1.14.1

Chillax Gaming presents Chillax Hexxit! Are you looking for a server to play with friends on or even find friends on (like us :D)? Then Chillax Gaming's Hexxit server is for you! We feature many things from PvP Server with griefing and Factions, PvE Server with no griefing and towny, Hexxit skyblock, and hexxit survival games.


To join our servers just join the IP above and enter either the PvE or PvP server! For more information about the difference read below!
We are looking for staff too!

Hexxit PvE
Do you like to just relax, build, learn, have fun with friends without worry of people ruining your builds and fun? Play on our Hexxit PvE server!

Hexxit PvP
Or are you one of those people who like ruining people's fun (;3 which is fun to do) and also like the challenge of being able to defend off people who want to grief and attack you? Then you are for our hard mode Hexxit PvP server!

Both Servers Include

Tons of Amazing Tools!

Banned Items (I know :( )
- Quiver - Duping
- Bag - Duping
- Uncrafting Table - Bypass
- Crumble Horn - Bypasses Protection
- Ender Bow - Crashes server
- Meteor Crap - Ruins things
- Destruction Catalyst - Bypass
- Buster Bullets - Bypasses Protection
- Buster Magazine - Bypasses Protection
- Magic Mirror - Crashes Server
- Capsule Station - Bypass Protection
- BonemealBag - Crashes Server when used on Saplings
- SoulShard - SoulCages Lag
- Drawbridge - Bypass and Crash
- Chocobo Saddle Bags - Dupes
- Carrot - Crashes Server
- Box - Crashes Server
- Essence Extractor - Glitch this item is removed in newer TConstructs

Any questions feel free to comment below or contact me via
P.S. We are still working on adding more!




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